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  Farmers Warehouse offers a complete line of products to fit your livestock nutritional needs. The following products are currently available at Farmers Warehouse. Please contact our talented team for more information.  
Showtime Feeds
Showtime Heifer & Steer Developer - Medicated Showtime Combat Battle Ground 14% - Medicated Showtime Combat Hog Starter/Grower - Medicated
Showtime Beef Finisher - Medicated Showtime Lamb High Energy - Medicated Showtime Combat Hog Grower/Finisher - Medicated
Showtime Beef Complete Feed Showtime Lamb Complete - Medicated Showtime Combat Hog Grower/Finisher w/Paylean - Medicated
Showtime Rabbit Pellets Showtime Show Star Top-dress Pellet Show Sweet (Beet Pulp Shreds)
Showtime Combat Battle Ground 18% - Medicated    
stand alone Feeds
Stand Alone Cattle HI-FAT - 5 gal Stand Alone Cattle Regular - 5 gal Stand Alone Sheep- 2.5 gal
Stand Alone Goat - 1 gal Stand Alone Goat - 2.5 gal Stand Alone Sheep - 1 gal
Stand Alone Swine - 1 gal Stand Alone Swine - 2.5 gal Stand Alone Swine High Fat - 2.5 gal
Essential show feeds show feeds
Goat feed and supplements    
Essential Boar Goat Developer - Medicated Essential Show Doe 16-6 Essential Firm & Fresh
Essential Goat Wether Top Essential Nutra-Tec Touch Tone
Swine Supplements    
Extra Edge PreStarter Start Green Safe Guard 0.39%
Body Control Wide Open Full Coverage
Barrow Milk After-Burner Paylean 705
Time 2 Tune    
sheep supplements    
Body Builder    
Multi-Species Essential Show Supplements    
• Cool Bloom 44 Double Dip Soft Silk
Stroll’n Keep’n On Revive
Uni4m X-Pand-0 Express-O
5-Br-Fat Fluff Lubrisyn
Winning Fill Glisten Essential Pump
Essential Composure    
cattle feeds
Best Start Heifer Grower Mix 15% - Medicated Farmers Best All Breed 14 Mix Farmers Best Steer Finisher12%
Farmers Best Stock Fattener 14% Farmers Best Calf Grower 14% Farmers Best Calf Starter 16%
Farmers Best Dairy Feed 16%    
Horse Feeds
LMF Super Supplement (A) LMF Super Supplement (G) LMF Development (A)
LMF Development (G) LMF Showtime (A) LMF Showtime (G)
LMF Performance (A) LMF Performance (G) LMF Gold
LMF Race LMF Pro-Pellet LMF Gentle Balance
LMF Low Non-Structural Carbohydrate Stage 1 LMF Non-Structural Carbohydrate Complete LMF California Complete Pellet
LMF Senior Horse Farmers Best Rope and Ride Farmers Best Equi-Pell Senior
Farmers Best All Purpose Sweet Feed Rice Bran Pellets Cool Calories 100
TDI 10 TDI 16 TDI Senior
LMF Digest 911 LMF Senior Low Carb
sheep and goat feeds
Farmers Best Lactating Goat Feed Farmers Best Sweet 12 Farmers Best Complete Ewe & Ram Pellets
Farmers Best Meat Goat Complete Pellet (Creep/Starter) Farmers Best Goat Ration (Starter/Grower/Finisher)  
Swine Feeds
Farmers Best Pig Starter Pellets Farmers Best Pork Maker 16 Farmers Best Pork Maker 14
Farmers Best Sow Gestation/Lactation Farmers Best Pot Belly Pig Maintenance Pellets Farmers Best Money Saver Pig 16
Poultry feeds
Farmers Best Chick Starter,Grower Crumbles - Medicated Farmers Best A/P Poultry Crumbles Farmers Best D/P Poultry Crumbles Mix
Farmers Best Chick Blend Farmers Best Hen Scratch Farmers Lay Crumbles
Farmers Best Lay Mash Farmers Best Lay Pellet 16% Farmers Best Lay Pellet 20%
Farmers Best Money Saver Lay Crumbles Farmers Best Money Saver Lay Pellet 16% Farmers Best Meat Bird Grower Finisher Crumbles
Farmers Best Marconette Pigeon Pellets Farmers Best Turkey/Gamebird Starter - Medicated Farmers Best Turkey/Gamebird Grower/Finisher Crumbles - Medicated
Duck & Goose Feed    
gamebird feeds
Farmers Best Breeder Pellet 20% Farmers Best Pico De Gallo Mix Farmers Best Protein Power Pellet 25%
Farmers Best Power Scratch Farmers Best Gamebird Conditioner  
specialty feeds
Farmers Best Excelorator Farmers Best Rabbit Pellets Farmers Best Guinea Pig Pellets
Farmers Best Weston Llama Supplement Farmers Best Ratite Breeder Pellets Farmers Best Ratite Maintenance Pellets
Farmers Best Wild Bird Mix    
pet feeds
Farmers Best Puppy Food 27% Farmers Best Chunk Dog Food 21% Farmers Best Hi-Protein Dog Food 27%
Farmers Best Maintenance Dog Food 18% Professional Formula Meat Base Dog Food (40/20) Farmers Best Cat Food 30%
milk replacers
Farmers Best 20-10 Milk Replacer Farmers Best 20-20 Hi Fat Milk Replacer • Multi-Species Milk Replacer
MS Kid Milk Replacer MS Lamb Milk Replacer  
Gilbert’s 8.5% Phos Minerals Gilbert’s 14% Phos Minerals Gilbert’s 2-2-1 Mineral
1114 Foothill Beef Mineral 1115 Foothill Beef Mineral Hi-Mag 1117 Foothill Beef Mineral W/CTC
1118 Foothill Rough CNV W/CTC 1121 Foothill Roughage Con MS  
Sweetlix Cooked Tubs    
Sweetlix EnProAl 24:16 200# 18%Protein Dry Cow 200# 18%Protein Mag 200#
18%Protein (All Natural) 125# or 200# 28%Protein (10% NPN) 125# or 200# Sheep & Goat 125#
Sweetlix medicated blocks    
11446 Rabon Cattle/Horse 40# 11286 Equine Pasture & Hay 33.3# 11287 Rabon for Horses 40#
11452 Rumensin Block 40# 11453 Bloatguard 33.3# 11139 Safeguard 25#
Sweetlix mineral/vitamin blocks    
11421 Sweetlix 3-in-1 40#
11445 Sweetlix Mol Mag 40#  
Sweetlix sheep and goat blocks/mineral bags
11678 Roughage Balancer Tub 50# 11681 Meat Maker w/Rumensin 25# 11684 All in One Sheep/Goat 33.3#
11683 20% All Natural Goat 33.3# 11682 Meat Maker Mineral 25# 11679 Caprine Mag Milk 25#
11077 Cornlix Deer Block 25# 13950 All Purpose Goat Pail Farm Flock Block
Processed grain
Alfalfa Cubes Alfalfa Pellets Alfalfa and Oat Cubes
Alfalfa and Oat Pellets All in One Alfalfa Meal w/Molasses
Oat Hay Pellets Grass Hay Pellets Recleaned Barley
Rolled Barley Recleaned Corn Rolled Corn
Cracked Corn Recleaned Oats Crimped Oats
Recleaned Milo Recleaned Wheat Barley-Corn (Dry)
Barley-Corn w/Molasses COB Corn-Oats-Barley (Dry) Sweet COB
Soybean Meal Wheat Bran Flakey Red Bran
Linseed Meal    
organic feed
poultry feeds    
Chick Starter and Grower Crumbles – 22% Protein Layer Pellets – 17% Protein Layer Crumbles
Soy Free Lay Pellets 17% Protein Soy Free Chick Starter Crumbles 22% Protein Soy Free Finisher Pellets 17%
Scratch – cracked corn and whole wheat Whole Grain Layer #5066 – Corn/Soy Free  
livestock feeds
Alfalfa Pellets Goat Pellets #5007 – 16% protein Dairy/Livestock Grain to #5040 – 13% Protein Soy Free
Dairy Ewe and Lamb Pellet – 15% protein Hog Grower Pellets #7006 – 15.2% protein Rabbit Pellets Corn-Soy Free to Livestock Feeds
Specialty Minerals Omri Certified
Redmond Rock Redmond Selenium 90 Diatomacious Earth
Mountain Sunrise Feeds
100% Pure Timothy Pellet Alfalfa / Timothy Pellet 100% Sun-Cured Alfalfa Pellet
Bermuda / Alfalfa Pellet Oat Hay / Alfalfa Pellet 100% Pure Oat Hay Pellet
100% Pure Bermuda Pellet Bermuda Plus Pellet Alfalfa / Timothy / Brome Pellet
80 / 20 Performance Pellet    
Northwest rubber
4’ x 6’ ¾” Smooth Stall Mat 4’ x 6’ 5/8” Lite Stall Mat 5’ x 7’ ¾” Smooth Stall Mat
3’ x 3’  ½” Interlocking Washrack Mat    
Behlen country
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Powder river
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  Farmers Warehouse is dedicated to serving the area as a one stop shop for their nutritional needs. If we can assist you please contact us.  
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